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How I Work

Initial Consultation

When you have made contact, we find an appointment time to suit us both. The initial consultation is 55 minutes long and takes the form of an assessment. This can take more than one session depending on the complexity of the problem you have come to get clarity about. During this time we both will have various questions we will ask of each other. This gives us the opportunity to see if we can work together, to see if, what I can offer and what you are looking for, could work beneficially.

Your Piece of Mind

You are able to check my qualifications and my supervision contract during this time. I have supervision out of town as this is a requirement of all therapists.  Usually therapists do not offer to talk about their personal lives, but it is important to ask some questions if you think there may be conflict of interest or someone you know may be attending therapy with me.  Hawke's Bay is a small place and sometimes it makes it more difficult to get complete anonymity.  All consultations are confidential unless there is a question of safety to yourself or someone close to you. For example, if I thought your life was in danger from suicide.

Commitment and Sessions

Any other professional that may need to be contacted during your therapy can only be done with your permission. I will attend all sessions on time and give good notice of any leave I may be taking unless unforeseen circumstances intervenes.

You can expect to pay at the end of each session, unless we have agreed upon some other arrangement. This is only done when there has been an established ongoing therapeutic relationship.  I am sorry I am unable to accept eftpos but I do accept cash, cheques and direct bank credits.

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