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Working Together

Assessment Session

Sessions are of 55 minute duration and we are both expected to begin and end on time. This is helpful for a number of reasons. After the initial assessment and we have agreed that I have fully understood what you wish to achieve in therapy, we set a permanent time to suit us both. That time will be yours for the duration of our work. If something important occurs that means a change of time is necessary we will negotiate a time that is mutually acceptable.


The session usually begins with you, the client, bringing in thoughts, concerns and observations about yourself. Together we then try to gain an understanding about the issues that concern you. During our time of working together you may experience a number of unsettled feelings and want to quickly make big changes to your life. It's in your best interest to discuss with me these feelings and any changes you feel prompted to make before acting on them as sometimes to make such changes is not helpful.

Different Ways to Achieve your Goals

Therapy can be of different durations depending on the nature of your situation and what you wish to achieve. Usually there are no quick fixes. Gaining real insight and an ability to not walk down old familiar paths and use destructive patterns can take time and patience. Therapy is not a quick fix, or a one size fits all.

In therapy we work together to explore fundamental issues, resolve problems and open the door to lasting change. The answers you find will be your own. It is not my job to judge or criticise you as you explore a path that is uniquely yours. It is my job to respectfully guide support and encourage you through the process of change. However, there will be times when I will challenge you with what I believe to be unhelpful ways of operating in the world. This can feel painful, but when reflected upon, it is often  experienced as being helpful.

Many say that being able to integrate your thoughts and feelings - to have head and heart in sync - can be the biggest journey. As in all relationships it takes time in the therapy sessions to establish trust and to feel able to really settle into the journey that enables this to happen. I believe beginnings and endings are important in this relationship between therapist and client and want to make sure that we take the time to attend to things thoroughly.

Phone or Skype Consultation

At any time you have a concern you need to bring this to my attention. Should you need to travel regularly for work, I am able to work by phone or Skype.  Should you need to shift during the course of therapy, then the same applies. Sometimes people find that they have had several attempts at resolving a problem and worry that they may never be able to gain the freedom from their troubles.  Take the time to discuss this fully with me.

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