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Pyschotherapy & Counselling

What is Psychotherapy and Counselling?

There are a number of different traditions within the field of psychotherapy.  It is generally accepted that it works within a collaborative relationship between the client and the therapist. You are assisted to reflect on your situation so you can become more aware of the ways in which in the past you made both life enhancing decisions and sometimes life detracting decisions.

Psychotherapy concerns itself not just with way we experience ourselves in the outer world but how we experience our inner world. It can assist you to become more able to cope with the pressures of life and manage personal relationships more effectively. Sometimes it involves us in coming to terms with things we can not change and to work through the feelings around this, so you can go forward.

Psychotherapy is generally considered more intensive than counselling or coaching but you will generally find that the therapist will use more than one modality (theory or technique) as you work together.

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