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The general understanding for someone suffering depression is that they suffer from the following symptoms:- Low self esteem, loss of and interest in normally enjoyable activities, loss of interest in eating and sex, and disturbed sleep patterns.

Constant Experience of Negative Thoughts

Some people experience morbid thoughts, feelings of doom, re-occurring feelings of hopelessness, feelings of overwhelming panic and or panic attacks, breathlessness, rapid heart rate, dizziness and faintness. 

The onset of these mood disorders can vary. Sometimes they are experienced after a major loss or change of circumstance. For example the death of a loved one, loss of job, experiencing long bouts of anxiety in a job or in family circumstances that are not easily adapted to.

For others depression can be experienced episodically through life, and often is first experienced in adolescence. Like all illnesses, the sooner you begin treatment and seek assistance the better.


Treatment that may be helpful is often a combination of medication prescribed by a Doctor in combination with counselling and therapy.  Sometimes a short term focused behavioural therapy is recommended or a long term approach may be more beneficial. Many long term studies indicate the combination of both medication and therapy, has the most beneficial outcome.

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